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Is Trade Network For Me?

Barter is one of the
most powerful tools
in your marketing toolkit! 

The Trade Network Marketplace is an exclusive platform to promote your business and meet other local business owners. Trade what you have for what you want.

Open For Business

How Does 
Benefit My Business?

Trade Network helps Michigan businesses convert their unsold inventory, and excess capacity into real value. Our platform has been helping local businesses connect with each other, and barter millions of dollars of products and services since 1991.


Get access to a network of businesses eager to trade with you and enjoy leads from businesses you might never have met if not for Trade Network. Our team works to promote and connect all members, making it like having your own bartering sales team. 

We have experience developing custom solutions for businesses across hundreds of industries.

Let's talk and see if we can create a personalized barter plan that's right for your business!


Retail &

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In the US, retailers lose an estimated $50 billion each year due to overstocked inventory. Excess inventory and underutilized employee time are a drain on cash flow and productivity. (Source: National Retail Federation)

Trade Network will bring you buyers that will buy your product at retail, eliminating the advertising costs and heavy discounting otherwise needed to accomplish this.



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Service-based businesses, and construction companies, often experience fluctuations in their workload throughout the year. Even the most successful businesses can experience cash flow challenges, and it can be difficult to expand your customer base when you're already busy serving existing clients.

Trade Network offers a unique solution that can help you optimize your cash flow and expand your customer base, even if you're already busy. With more resources at your disposal, you'll be able to focus on delivering high-quality service to your existing clients.


Running a successful restaurant is challenging, with rising expenses and tight margins. In fact, studies show that 60% of restaurants fail within their first year. Traditional coupon programs and expensive advertising are rarely effective solutions to improve cash flow. 

food & beverage

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With Trade Network, you can leverage the power of barter to bring in new customers, offset cash expenses, and increase your bottom line, without having to offer discounts! Local restaurants are saving $4,000 a year on average through trading, with some saving exponentially more.


Unsold ad space means missed revenue and missed opportunities for businesses. In today's economy, selling unused ad space at fair value is essential to improving profits, especially with increased competition in the marketing industry.

Maximize your revenue and increase efficiency with Trade Network. With over 700 local businesses in the network, you can easily trade your earned Trade Dollars for goods and services that your company needs.

Media &

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As an independent healthcare provider, you face fierce competition from national franchises. In addition, navigating insurance can be a complicated and time-consuming process, leaving many patients with limited options for quality care.

Joining Trade Network gives you an edge over the competition and will attract new patients. By offering your services through Trade Network, you can make them more accessible and affordable to members, while earning trade dollars to meet your own needs. Our marketing support and member website also helps you reach a wider audience and spread awareness in the local business community.


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Seasonal fluctuations in the Michigan travel and entertainment industry can leave tourism businesses with empty rooms and open dates, while still incurring year-round expenses.

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travel &

Travel and entertainment members can increase revenue by trading without increasing fixed costs substantially. Reducing your excess capacity boosts your bottom line, and the trade dollars you earn can be used to offset many expenses of running your business such as repairs, supplies, services, employee benefits, or even treating yourself to some fun!


Nonprofits often struggle to secure sufficient funding and resources to support their missions and activities, hindering their ability to make a meaningful impact.

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Non-profit organizations

By joining Trade Network, nonprofits can access a network of local businesses for barter opportunities, enabling them to conserve cash, obtain essential goods and services, and expand their capacity to fulfill their charitable goals.


Join more than 700 Michigan businesses who are reducing cash expenses and gaining new customers through modern barter. Let's chat to see if trading is a match for your business.

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