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Think of us as Your Commission Only Sales Force.

  Believe it or not, for a limited time you can join TN for FREE! In exchange for bringing your business new customers, we collect a modest 12% cash commission that you pay only when you benefit from spending your trade dollars, and a small annual renewal after the first year. If you don’t get any new customers after joining TN, you don’t benefit and neither do we!

What Are

Trade Dollars?

Our network includes over 700 local Michigan businesses and we offer reciprocal trading ability with at over 50,000 other businesses across the country, giving you serious buying power to support your business needs, and a wide potential customer base.

Trade Dollars are a cash equivalent that you can spend at any other TN member business. One Trade Dollar = One U.S. Dollar

How Much Does It Cost?

Looking to save money and grow your business? Join TN for FREE today!


Our modern bartering platform empowers you to trade your goods or services with any other TN member. Our 12% cash commission is only collected when you benefit from spending your trade dollars, and to help maintain the barter ecosystem, there is a small annual renewal fee (paid in trade dollars) after the first year.


There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. If you don't see any new customers after joining, you won't pay a thing! 

Can Trade Network Help Improve My Cash flow?

Running a business can be tough, especially when cash flow is tight. That's where Trade Network can help.


When you trade your skills or products to acquire the goods and services your business needs, you are mathematically spending less cash! This will help free up more cash for other expenses, and over the months and years, it makes a huge difference.

Trade Network can also serve as a helpful source of emergency funds for unexpected expenses, giving you peace of mind and a safety net when you need it most.

I'm Not Sure If TN Is Right  For Me.

That’s a great question, and the answer is: usually.

If your business has extremely tight (gross) margins, trading may not be the right fit for you. Similarly, if you have all the business you can handle and aren't actively seeking new customers, then we would like to say congratulations!


However, for most everyone else, Trade Network is a proven “can’t-lose” option for businesses of all sizes who want to save cash and gain new customers.


Don't just take our word for it – a few of our current members were skeptical at first, but found that joining our network was a "no-brainer" decision that helped them grow their business. 

What About The Taxes?

With Trade Network, you don't have to worry about the hassle of tracking your barter transactions. Our platform acts as your third-party record keeper, providing you with detailed monthly statements, live transaction data, and even issuing a 1099-b automatically at the end of the year. This way, you can focus on utilizing TN as a marketing tool to grow your business and save cash

Barter income is treated the same as cash income. There are no tax advantages or disadvantages 

to bartering.

Is Trade Network A National Company?

Trade Network is proud to be a locally owned and independent company, based right here in Michigan. But don't let our local roots fool you - we have a national reach!


Our unique trade reciprocity system means that our members can trade with businesses across the country, making it easy to get what you need, wherever you need it.


So, whether you're looking for new customers in your local area or expanding your business nationwide, Trade Network has you covered. 

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