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Bartering is for


Small businesses are making a BIG impact with Trade Network. Resulting in more donations and improved cash flow for local organizations.

Discover a platform that fosters local business connections, and collaboration through barter. Trade Network empowers local small businesses to play a vital role in strengthening our communities. Through barter, our members are able to increase their support for local organizations, amplifying their impact and enabling nonprofits to raise more funds, reduce costs, and do more good.

How does Trade Network work for non-profits?

As a Trade Network member, your organization can accumulate valuable trade credits by accepting donations, selling event tickets, advertising, sponsorships, products, or memberships through our dynamic platform.


These trade credits hold the power to fuel your nonprofit's needs, functioning just like cash when exchanged with local businesses. This innovative approach not only helps alleviate cash expenses but also strengthens the local business ecosystem. Recent success stories from Michigan nonprofits include acquiring construction services, covering office expenditures, securing silent auction prizes, hosting special events, and much more.


Leveraging our modern, cloud-based platform and user-friendly app, your nonprofit can engage in barter transactions seamlessly. Trade Network members are able to donate online 24/7 through our online platform and mobile apps.

What is available through Trade Network?

Enhanced Fundraising Efforts

When you join TN, you receive new donors that you would not have had otherwise. Trade Network's expansive community of local businesses opens doors to potential donors who are eager to support your cause. Instead of relying solely on monetary donations, your organization can accept trade credits from donors in addition to cash.


Accepting trade credits as donor incentives makes for a unique approach to fundraising, engaging supporters and promoting local commerce. Elevate your fundraising efforts with Trade Network and expand your donor base creatively.

Trade Network is a great resource to find quality vendors and meet other local businesses. Our members regularly network with one another, share ideas and resources, and refer new customers to each other.


By joining TN, you'll not only find quality vendors, but also gain valuable connections that can help your organization grow and succeed.


Efficient Use of Resources

In the realm of non-profit organizations, where resource allocation plays a pivotal role, Trade Network offers an innovative approach to streamlining overhead expenses.


This strategic use of barter translates into significant cost savings, allowing non-profits to allocate their funds more effectively towards their core mission. When you utilize trade credits, your cash resources remain untouched, preserving more funds for the most needed areas.

 Leveraging Surplus for Impact

Trade Network offers non-profits the ability to transform excess inventory, empty event slots, or unused capacity into trade credits. These credits, in turn, enable you to access goods and services that enhance your operational efficiency and advance your initiatives. By repurposing what would otherwise go unused, non-profits can strengthen their operations, amplify their impact, and create a win-win situation that benefits both the organization and the community it serves.


With Trade Network, you can more easily afford to show your appreciation to your employees!

TN members businesses can use their trade dollars to provide company outings, travel, employee incentives, provide special bonuses, and even supplement health care.

Professional Support

With Trade Network, you get more than just a broker - you get a barter concierge! Our team provides personalized customer service to help you navigate the network and connect with other businesses.


And the best part? Our brokers are available to provide curated trading opportunities, help resolve any issues, and even bring you new business opportunities from our network –and it's all included in our commission without any additional costs!

“The Trade Network has been a true blessing to our organization. Seeing so many great companies participate in the network has opened up a lot of opportunity for us to save cost and engage new business relationships. Thank you Evan and team for allowing us to be part!”

Lars Carlson, CEO Youth Haven

Get Started At No Cost!

Joining Trade Network is always free for non-profits, and you will never pay an annual renewal fee. Our standard 12% commission is only charged when you benefit from using your trade credits on purchases, and allows non-profits to make purchases at up to 88% off in real cash terms!

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