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A Better way to attract new customers and improve cash flow

Barter is a popular solution for companies to attract new customers and sell unsold ad space. Trade Network streamlines the barter process and allows you to get the products and services you need for your business through barter, much more easily. Book a discovery call today to see if it may be a fit for you!


When you join TN, you receive new customers that you would not have had otherwise. 


TN members are also business owners who understand the challenges of operating a business. They value fair pricing and flexibility, making them easy and enjoyable to work with.


Get the goods and services you need, without having to sacrifice your bottom line with excessive discounts. 

Trade Network is a great resource to find quality vendors and meet other local businesses. Our members regularly network with one another, share ideas and resources, and refer new customers to each other.


By joining TN, you'll not only find quality vendors, but also gain valuable connections that can help your business grow and succeed.



With Trade Network, you can attract new customers while keeping your prices at normal retail, without having to offer discounts or promotions that eat into your profits.

Trade Network's commission is 12% which is only paid when you spend your trade dollars, ensuring that you only pay when you benefit from using your trade dollars, and keeping trades "win-win" transactions for everyone.


Done correctly, bartering is a huge boost for your company's cash flow. Every trade dollar you spend is a USD saved! When you spend trade dollars, your cash stays in your bank account.

Depending on the industry, most Trade Network members save 30%-70% (in real terms) on every purchase, boosting their cash flow and empowering their business to achieve more.


With Trade Network, you can more easily afford to show your appreciation to your employees!

TN members businesses can use their trade dollars to provide company outings, travel, employee incentives, provide special bonuses, and even supplement health care.


With Trade Network, you get more than just a broker - you get a barter concierge! Our team provides personalized customer service to help you navigate the network and connect with other businesses.


And the best part? Our brokers are available to provide curated trading opportunities, help resolve any issues, and even bring you new business opportunities from our network –and it's all included in our commission without any additional costs!

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Working with Trade Network has exceeded my expectations. Evan leads a great team that delivers when it comes to bringing new business and helping me find ways to use the trade dollars I have accrued. I'm generating revenue and making connections I wouldn't have otherwise. If you're even thinking about joining... give it a try

Getting Started is Easy!

Join more than 700 Michigan businesses who are reducing cash expenses and gaining new customers through modern barter.

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