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How It Works

Let us help your business thrive

Why spend cash when you could be trading for what you need instead?

Convert your excess capacity and unsold inventory into spending power! 60% of businesses already engage in some sort of bartering. Are you?

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Business Bartering Has Never Been Easier

Enjoy a personalized bartering experience tailored to your business needs.

Why Modern Bartering Works. 

Barter can be challenging or cumbersome at times. It is an amazing way to save cash and grow your business, but it can be hard to find people to trade with.

What if you could experience the benefits of bartering without all of the challenges? Trade Network offers a modern platform for scalable bartering, allowing you to get more done while spending less cash. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to find trading partners who have what you need,  and enjoy the practicality of modern bartering.

In today's business environment, where costs are rising, labor shortages are rampant, and seasonal downturns are common, bartering can be a game-changer. Trade Network makes it easy for businesses to leverage the power of bartering and reap its benefits.


THIS IS Modern Bartering.

Trade smarter, not harder, with Trade Network! As a TN member, you earn trade dollars when you sell your products or services to other members. Unlike traditional one-on-one bartering, with Trade Network, you can trade with any member in our network. Think of trade dollars as having a gift card that you can use at over 700 local businesses!


The Techy Stuff. All barter transactions in our network are accounted for using trade dollars that are valued $1 to $1 with the US dollar. We provide a modern, cloud-based platform and a convenient app for bartering. This allows almost any business to start bartering. If you already barter, Trade Network can scale it to make it even more profitable, and give you access to products and services you really need, but can't trade for currently.

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It only takes 5 minutes to apply for membership online. If you want to learn more, you can reach us by email or you can schedule a short discovery call to arrange a meeting with one of our trade brokers.

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Once your membership application is received, we'll review and process it within one business day. After your account is set up, we'll start marketing your business to our members at no extra cost. Most new members get new customers within their first 30 days of joining!

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The more you trade, the more you save! You can use your trade dollars right away to offset cash expenses in your business. Your Trade Network member card works like a gift card that can be used with over 700 businesses.

The More You Trade, the More You Save!

Gain new customers through Trade Network. Use trade dollars instead of cash for things like repairs, workplace programs, employee incentives, travel, and more. Choose the things that benefit you and your business most.



Join more than 700 Michigan businesses who are reducing cash expenses and gaining new customers through modern barter.

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