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Trading Made Simple: How to Make a Purchase

When it comes to making a purchase through with barter, the process is straightforward whether you're buying goods at a retail store or restaurant or engaging the services of a provider.

Purchasing at a Retail or Restaurant Location:

Before resorting to cash, take a moment to review our app, website, or call our office to explore available offerings.

With a Trade Network member card, making barter purchases is as easy as using a credit card.

Whether you are using a physical card or virtual card, simply present your card to the cashier or server and mention that you'll be paying with Trade Network.

(Find your virtual member card by logging into the TN app, and selecting "Card, Account, & Assistance")


Purchasing from a Service Provider on Trade:

During your initial conversation, it's important to mention that you will be paying with Trade Network. Beyond this, the process closely resembles transactions outside of the Trade Network.

Just as if you were paying cash, both parties agree on a price, sign contracts, and adhere to payment schedules in the same manner.

What to Expect in General when trading:

  • At time of purchase, you will directly pay any applicable state sales tax to the seller, while the 12% TN commission charge is automatically applied to your credit card on file.

  • Both buyer and seller receive email or text notifications confirming the transaction, and you can conveniently access your account online 24/7 via our website or mobile app. Monthly statements detailing your activity and account balances are also provided for your reference.

  • Prices will generally be priced fairly at standard retail value. Over charging and unfair trading practices are not allowed in Trade Network. On the other hand, members do sometimes offer specials and discounts even with barter, but this is the exception, rather than the norm.



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