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How Do I Process a Sale?

As part of your welcome call after joining Trade Network, your broker will discuss the optimal trading processes and procedures for your business.

Some members prefer to utilize our complimentary paper "trade slips" and process trades at the end of the day/week, and some are using our mobile app for instant payment! Whatever method that you end up using, processing trades through TN is effortless.

Here are the four most popular methods for posting a sale:


1. Online Web Portal:

  • Log into your account and click on the orange "Transact" button.

  • Input the buyer's account number, name, or business name.

  • Enter the sale amount (using decimals) and a brief description.

  • Click "Submit" to generate an authorization number and receive confirmation via email or text.


2. TN Mobile App:

  • Open the Trade Network mobile app and select "Process Sale" from the menu.

  • Scan the member's card barcode or manually enter the account number.

  • Input the sale amount and a brief description, then tap "Submit."

  • Receive an authorization number and confirmation via email or text.


3. TN Authorization App

This app is tailor made for restaurants and busy retail establishments!

First download the Nextrade360 Merchant POS app to any Apple or Android Device.

  • Select Trade Network as your exchange and log in with your credentials.

  • Process the sale by scanning the member's card barcode or manually entering the account number.

Enter the sale amount and description, then tap "Submit" to receive confirmation.


4. One-Click Authorization Link:

  • Request a custom one-click authorization link from Trade Network.

  • Save the link as a bookmark or desktop shortcut for easy access.

  • Simply enter the buyer's account number, sale amount, and description to post the transaction even having to log in!

Choose the method that best suits your business needs and start enjoying seamless trading with Trade Network!

As always, we are here to help answer any questions, and all transactions can be posted simply by contacting Trade Network by phone, email, or text.



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