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What Happens to My Trade Credits if I Sell My Business or Retire?

As a Trade Network member, you've accumulated trade credits over time through various transactions, but what happens to those credits if you decide to close your business or retire?

As we've covered in previous posts, organized barter with modern software makes barter sales comparable to a traditional bank account from a convenience and record-keeping standpoint, and barter purchases are similar to traditional purchases made with cash. So if you sell your business or retire, once again with Trade Network, it is very similar!

You earned the trade credits, and they remain in your account until you choose to redeem them by making a trade purchase. As long as you remain a TN member, your trade credits never expire. Even if you decide to sell your business or retire, your trade dollars remain accessible and available for your use, and you can still expect to receive the same level of customer service and support.

However, it is crucial to stay proactive in managing your trade dollars, even when you are spending down your trade balance. Remember, this is a barter account, not a savings account, so hoarding trade credits for future use doesn't yield any interest or benefits. Additionally, since trade credits are based on US dollars, waiting too long to redeem them will result in reduced purchasing power due to inflation.

While your trade dollars themselves never expire, if your account remains inactive with no purchases, annual fees may still be deducted from your balance. Stay engaged with your Trade Broker and actively spend your trade dollars to make the most out of your bartering experience!

When business or life circumstances change, it does not mean the end of your relationship with Trade Network or the loss of your trade dollars! We are here for you, so you can confidently navigate your transition, knowing that you can continue to leverage the benefits of bartering every step of the way.



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