Save Your Cash – Barter Is Better!

We are Michigan’s local barter exchange.

Trade Network is helping businesses increase sales, and build customer loyalty.

The Trade Dollars you earn can be spent with any other Trade Network members. There are nearly 1,000 member businesses in Mid-Michigan and West Michigan.

Imagine the possibilities of adding hundreds of new customers, without having to spend your hard-earned cash marketing to them!

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive!

Why spend cash when you could be bartering for thousands of items and services?

Our members are not limited by their bank accounts.

Convert existing inventory, unused employee time, vacant hotel rooms, and empty restaurant seats into spending power!

We act as your Marketing Department by promoting you to fellow TN members.

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What Do Our Members Say?

Trade Network is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on approximately 102 reviews from around the Web.
Great idea! Everyone should and least join and try it out!
Gabe Hammes
I did my 4th withdrawal successfully with no extra charges or fees paid thank you once again Mrs emily alison you have helped me pay my debt, I was so worried cause no where to get money from since I lost my job, with a debt of 20000 dollars, when I started my first trade investment just with $1000 I got a profit payout of $10,560 in 6 working days then I make another investment and I was able to access my trade account to see if everything is going very well.....
Edisha Elijah Oduadu
Awesome organization- been a member for 12 years. Excellent customer service.
Brian Sayre

Why Use Cash?

Pay for what you need with what you have!

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Where Can I Spend My Trade Dollars?

Helping other businesses network and exchange for profit

Restaurant Gift Certificates & Catering

Advertising, Web & Video Services


Business Products & Services

Travel & Entertainment

Events, Parties & Weddings

Construction and Landscaping

Medical, Dental & Vision

Personal Products & Well-Being