Save Your Cash – Barter Is Better!

We are Michigan’s local barter exchange.

Trade Network is helping businesses increase sales, and build customer loyalty.

The Trade Dollars you earn can be spent with any other Trade Network members. There are nearly 1,000 member businesses in Mid-Michigan and West Michigan.

Imagine the possibilities of adding hundreds of new customers, without having to spend your hard-earned cash marketing to them!

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive!

Why spend cash when you could be bartering for thousands of items and services?

Our members are not limited by their bank accounts.

Convert existing inventory, unused employee time, vacant hotel rooms, and empty restaurant seats into spending power!

We act as your Marketing Department by promoting you to fellow TN members.

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What Do Our Members Say?

We have been very satisfied members since 1991. We have provided dental services on dozens of customers we would have never seen without Trade Network, Inc.’s referrals. The new business converted downtime into productive time.

Gary Oryszczak, D.D.S, Haslett & Lansing, Michigan

We have been a member of other exchanges in the past, and Trade Network is clearly the best out there. They follow through and offer a great array of products and services. Out printing company has traded for vehicle repairs, restaurants, four wheelers, and all kinds of business needs.

Jeff Veine, Phase III Graphics, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have been a member of Lansing’s Trade Network since 1992. I have saved thousands of dollars using trade verses cash because trade is pre-taxed dollars, a business expense and like having a separate savings account that I wouldn’t have otherwise. There are so many uses of trade dollars and options available that I couldn’t imagine being in business without this wonderful benefit. So I always think ‘Trade First” before I purchase anything for my business. Thank you Trade Network!!!

Joe Gradwohl, Buff N' Shine Inc, Lansing, Michigan

We have been trade network members for quite a while and love it. The biggest plus among others is it brings us new customers from the very large pool of trade network members. If you are a business owner and have not looked into this you definitely should.

Chris Holmes, Holmes Photography, Grand Ledge, Michigan

I have been a Trade Network Member since 1992 the afternoon that Gary Kay came into my living room to explain the benefits of barter. I have never regretted the decision. I have never minded having tens of thousands of dollars in income that would have never come my way except and only because of Trade Network

Trade Network is not a get rich scheme. It is an effective method to connect with business customers you may never come in contact with by any other means. It is the grease on the skids that will move your business into long term business relationships that will general trade income and cash.

Joe Yarbrough, Compusearch Design Services, East Lansing, Michigan

As a barter exchange based in PA, we are very impressed with Trade Network. They have a great group of businesses to trade with! Keep up the good work Evan Kay and team!

Maria Wirth Schlesinger, Business Owners Trade Alliance, Pennsylvania

Trading is a great way to save cash, get new customers and grow your business.
I have been a Trade Network member for many years and plan to continue for many more, Lord willing. To Barter IS better! Keep up the good work Trade network!

Tony Wizauer, Budget Host Inn

We have been members since 1992. I love it! I am able to sell my products to customers I would have never met before. I’ve used my trade dollars for so much. Restaurants, travel, dental care, even to help sell my house at full asking price! I love it!

Deborah Warncke

I’ve been a member for 20+ years. Great people and a super barter service!

John Westra

Why Use Cash?

Pay for what you need with what you have!

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Where Can I Spend My Trade Dollars?

Helping other businesses network and exchange for profit

Restaurant Gift Certificates & Catering

Advertising, Web & Video Services


Business Products & Services

Travel & Entertainment

Events, Parties & Weddings

Construction and Landscaping

Medical, Dental & Vision

Personal Products & Well-Being