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We only get paid when you save cash. No hidden or monthly fees.

Why Choose Trade Network?

For over 30 years, Trade Network has been fostering a community where every transaction is a triple win. Here’s our commitment: If you join and find yourself without new customers, or if you have trade dollars but nothing appealing to spend them on, then it simply isn’t working. And if it’s not working for you, it isn’t working for us.

Clear and Simple Pricing

We believe in straightforward and transparent pricing. We charge a 12% cash commission, but only when you actually use your trade dollars to gain real value. What’s more, there are no membership fees for your first year, and an annual renewal fee of just $250 in trade credits thereafter—no hidden costs, no surprises.



1. Direct access to 700+
local business owners

2. Trade Network makes bookkeeping easy, with 24/7 online access to your account, monthly statements, and automatic 1099-B Reporting

3. A Trade broker that will work with you to bring you new customers and help you use your trade dollars

4. Free social media promotion on our Facebook and Instagram that reaches thousands of people every month

5. The ability to earn and spend your trade dollars with over 50,000 businesses nationwide

Think of us as Your
Commission Only Sales Force.

 The reason Trade Network continues to thrive after over 30 years is our committment to every barter transaction being a "win-win-win". Think of it this way; if you join Trade Network and you don’t get any new customers after joining TN, if you have trade dollars and don't like the available options to spend them at, you don’t benefit and neither do we! 


Our pricing is very transparent and simple. In exchange for bringing your business new customers, we collect a 12% cash commission, but you only pay us when you benefit from spending your trade dollars. Membership renewal costs $250 in trade and is not charged for your first year of membership, so you can try us for a year to make sure that it works for your business. That's it, there are no monthly or hidden fees! 


We are very motivated to work for you, to build the best possible barter network that we can! This is one of the reasons 95% of businesses that join TN continue their membership after their first year. Many businesses have been members for several years, and a few have been trading with us for 30 or more years continuously.


Join more than 700 Michigan businesses who are reducing cash expenses and gaining new customers through modern barter.

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