What Trade Network does to help your business grow… and prosper.

Since 1991, our mission at Trade Network, Inc. has been to save the cash of our members and provide them with new customers. Bartering with us is ideal for both start-up and established businesses where increased profits are at the top of their wish list.

Gary Kay, Founder

We save you money and increase your profits.

This is the most fundamental benefit of barter in general, and Trade Network in particular! For any expense, it’s much cheaper to trade for a product or service than it is to pay cash. That’s what we mean when we say “barter is a no-brainer.” (If you could pay for some of your daily expenses with your existing inventory or extra time instead of cash, would you? Of course! Trade Network allows you to smartly utilize your excess capacity to purchase goods and services —cashless!)

The more you trade, the more you save!

Barter customers will bring you all of the cash referrals that your present clients bring. You’ll gain new cash-paying customers too; when you give your barter customers the same great service as you give everyone else , they will recommend your business to others!

We help generate new customers for you!

Trade Network increases your market share by aggressively switching business away from your non-trading competitors, and bringing them to you instead.

In essence, we act as marketing brokers for our members.
Trade Network brings in leads to our members that usually would never happen if it wasn’t for TN.

We also function as a sales team, bringing our members referrals and leads without much effort on their end. In addition, we provide networking opportunities, Open House events for members to mingle and talk trade.

Of course, you can use our Online Member Guide any time of the day or night to search hundreds of active businesses, so you can quickly identify where you’re currently spending cash that can be replaced with TN Trade Dollar transactions.

Importantly, by talking with all our clients consistently, we hunt down hard-to-find items and services for their needs, too. After hours? Not a problem!

Trade Network trading helps you move excess inventory.

Excess inventory or underutilized employee time is better converted to a trade asset. Very few business owners enjoy staring at the phone when it’s slow, and retailers have nightmares about stacks of inventory on their hands that are a drain on their cash flow.

Retailers must keep their inventory moving. Each season, customers shop for the most current merchandise. Trade Network will bring you buyers to move excess inventory, eliminating the advertising costs and heavy discounting otherwise needed to accomplish this.

Manufacturers/Wholesalers: We can coordinate the selling of your surplus inventory, while helping you obtain the best possible prices for your products. We negotiate for you to receive either the going price in the marketplace or at least your full normal selling price to distributors. This allows you to maintain your current pricing integrity as well as upgrading your return on investment.

We help you increase productivity by filling downtime and/or unused capacity.

Nearly every business struggles with excess capacity in their business, whether it’s empty tables, down time, or inventory that must be cleared. Seasonal businesses, such as hotels, resorts, and construction contractors benefit as they can use Trade Network to utilize capacity during the shoulder- or off-season.

If you’re running a service business, and not at full capacity 12 months and year and can handle more customers, we can help you fill up your calendar with new business opportunities. And now, you’ll have Trade Dollars to purchase what you need.

Employee Benefits? Definitely!

With Trade Network, you can show your appreciation to your employees without hurting your cash flow! TN member businesses are able to provide employee incentives, provide special bonuses, and even supplement health care -all through using trade dollars!

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

Barter Increases Sales

Trade Network markets your company to hundreds of local businesses and thousands nationally through our reciprocal relationships. These are all potential customers – over and above your daily cash-paying customers. Your company will make incremental sales because of the demands of the buyers looking for barter opportunities from our trade exchange. Businesses trade to purchase what they need or want, and pay for them with the additional sales of their own product or service.

Barter Improves Cash Flow

There are two main ways of to increase cash flow – more sales and reduced costs. Barter does both! Barter allows you to pay for what you need with what you have, thus allowing you to preserve your working capital for other needs. When you use barter to purchase needed products and services, you reduce your cash costs by paying for with revenue generated by new barter sales. When you purchase something using TN Trade Dollars, it will be paid for at the cost of your goods and with new sales . . . sales that would not have happened without Trade Network.

Barter Moves Excess Inventory & Fills Idle Production Time

Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with extra inventory or idle production time. When you join Trade Network, barter provides a tool to put that excess to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by matching your product or service with businesses looking to purchase them on trade. It’s a win-win situation.

Barter Provides a Competitive Edge

Trade Network participants patronize your establishment over the competition, because your Trade Network affiliation is an incentive for them to do business with you. Barter attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your company.

Barter Means New Cash Sales

That’s not a misprint – yes, we said cash sales. If you perform a good job for a Trade Network client, they are likely to refer their cash-paying friends, clients, family and associates to you. Growing your business will always be tied directly to referrals from your happy customers. We constantly strive to help improve your bottom line overall. If you become more successful, we become more successful.

Barter Makes Record-Keeping Easy

In a sense Trade Network works much like a bank by providing control, record keeping, and administration for your barter activities. Direct trading often becomes cumbersome at record-keeping time. Our extensive network of businesses expands the trading possibilities available to you and, with our convenient clearinghouse concept, there’s no need to keep track of the dollars traded. Trade Network uses state-of-the-art technology to track all of your barter sales and purchases with an easy-to-read itemized monthly statement. Plus, the Member Website and 24/7 Auto Broker Line is available for transaction processing anytime that you want.

Barter Means No Bad Debts

Trade Network trading takes the hassle out of collections. When you make a barter sale to a TN client, you call in advance for authorization to verify that your client (the buyer) has the Trade Dollars to pay for their purchase from you. Then, upon order completion or delivery, a simple signed transaction slip will confirm the transfer of funds. It’s that simple.

Barter Expands Distribution Channels

Our national affiliation with The BANC (Barter Association National Currency) and UC (Universal Currency) provides a convenient medium for local clients to trade with thousands of businesses nationwide. This expands the possibilities for all involved and opens the door to a broader range of products and services, in addition to acting as a greater marketing platform for your company.

Barter Means Wholesale Buying Power

With barter, the real cost of the products you purchase on trade is actually the wholesale cost the trade dollars that you earn. Making sales with built-in profits makes the cost of your purchases more economical on trade.
When you join Trade Network, you open the door to a new, cash-free way of handling every day business and personal expenses.

Barter Means Added Profits

With Trade Network, added profits are realized by participating businesses because of the new customers that barter provides. Sellers in a trade exchange make incremental barter sales (over and above their cash business) and increased sales mean increased profits.