About Trade Network

Who We Are, and What We Do for You!

Trade Network has been helping Michigan businesses barter since 1991. Gary and Nancy Kay were successful business owners and avid entrepreneurial advocates, and early on, they realized that cash is a finite resource, and barter creates opportunities where there are none.

Bartering greatly improved their business, and they wanted to be able to share this opportunity with Mid and West-Michigan business owners. From humble beginnings in 1991, Trade Network has grown to become one of the leading trade exchanges in the nation, with almost 1,000 Michigan businesses trading with each other.

Trade Network strives to use modern bartering techniques and technology to help small business succeed by improving cash flow and bringing them new clients. This makes everyone’s business more profitable and local economies thrive. At Trade Network, we value our good reputation and we will always run the organization in an ethical way, and will never compromise our integrity.

We will always be innovating, to continuously provide an even better trading experience for our members. Small business is what built America, and it continues to be the backbone of our economy, so we will always promote the “entrepreneurial spirit” to help local Michigan businesses. Despite many challenges, there are many opportunities, and we see the future of small business in Michigan and America as a whole to be very exciting with business to business bartering playing an integral role.

Meet Your Broker:

Evan Kay has been managing Trade Network since 2015, but he has worked there as a trade broker for nearly a decade. Evan was mentored in all things barter by Gary Kay, founder of Trade Network, and Nancy Kay, the co-founder. After seeing how well bartering worked for so many great local businesses, joining Trade Network was a simple choice! He holds a Degree in International Business from Liberty University, and is accredited by the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) as a Certified Trade Broker. Evan is an ardent supporter of local businesses and is a board member of NATE as well as a board member of Local First Mid-Michigan. Outside of TN you’ll probably find him on a mountain somewhere, or at a lake. He is passionate about all things outdoors especially hiking, kayaking, and mountain climbing.

How DO You Market My Business?

We are 100% focused on creating win-win deals for you. If you don’t benefit from trading neither do we!

Our trade brokers contact member businesses that regularly purchase your products or services and facilitate an introduction. Our brokers become part of your sales force.

We send regular emails where we sell your products and promote your services. Got an ad or two? We can place them in our mailings, too!

We provide a free listing in our Membership Directory.

We provide regional and national exposure to businesses looking to expand their horizons. We do this through the BANC (Barter Association National Currency) and UC (Universal Currency). More info on our Affiliates here.

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